Jim Weikal is the pastor-teacher of Sharon Alliance Church. He has a heart for his congregation to grow spiritually through the preaching of the Word of God. Pastor Jim usually preaches expository sermons–starting at the beginning of a particular book of the Bible and going all the way through to get a full understanding of what the author is trying to tell us in his writing(s). There are also times when Pastor Jim will do a sermon series on a particular Biblical truth such as creation, elders, or prayer. No matter what his sermon topic, Pastor Jim uses cross references to bring in different parts of Scripture to show how the whole Bible relates to itself all while providing personal application and a deeper understanding of the text.

Before becoming a pastor, Jim was a high school English teacher for 32 years. He believes that his extensive training and years of classroom experience have greatly helped him in his calling as pastor of Sharon Alliance Church. This background helps him understand complex concepts and ideas and to break words and grammar into small parts to get more meaning out of the passages. This helps him take the congregation deeper in their understanding of Scripture–”Going deeper in the Word takes you higher in your worship.”

Pastor Jim has also spoken on numerous college campuses as well as from many pulpits in the area. Before becoming a pastor, he was a staff researcher for Bill Rudge Ministries–an international ministry taking the gospel of Jesus Christ into over 100 countries.

Pastor Jim is very centered on the authority of Scripture and sticks closely to the Word of God. He explains the Scriptures within the context of the Bible and takes passages and concepts that many people find confusing and makes them understandable and applicable.

Pastor Jim is concerned with the spiritual growth and everyday needs of the congregation. He is a very personal pastor who personally visits the sick and elderly, and he is there to support members of the congregation in their times of need. He also provides Biblical counseling to members of the congregation for various needs and makes himself available to answer Biblical questions and to help people grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.